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Big gifts can be given by coin master to his fans in the new year. Like free coins, spins and cards etc. But for this, you have to do one thing.

Some time ago big gifts were given to the fans on Christmas. Now the new year is coming on which big gifts will be given by the coin master. Its Coin Master us players are very much waiting. But for this, the fans have to do one thing.

stay updated for free spins

You need to stay updated to get coin master free spins and coins. As we mentioned earlier, spins links are made available on social media by Coinmaster. To get them, you will have to check this post from time to time or visit the official account of Coinmaster and check the link.

But you should know that the spin link works only once for one person. So do not click on the same link again and again. But by sharing the link post, you will get more spins.

stay updated on social media

As we mentioned in our earlier post that free spin links are provided by the official coin master on different social media platforms which work only once. With the help of these links, you can get 100 to 200 free spins per day.

These special links are mainly made available on Facebook and Instagram. For this, you need to stay updated. You have to check every day by visiting these social media accounts. Otherwise, you may miss it. Apart from this, you can also get all the links by coming here. Because we collect free spins for you and bring them here.


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