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As you know big festivals are coming. Everyone will get gifts and everyone will be happy. This happiness is going to increase even more for those who play the coin master game. Because on this Christmas you can get free spins and gold cards as gifts.

how to get gifts

As you know, some links are made available on social media by the official coin master. Not everyone can reach them, so we bring you these gifted links by searching. So that you do not have to worry much, especially at this time because it is the festival season and more and bigger gifts can be found in it.

Coin Master Christmas Gifts

First of all MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you. In no time you will be celebrating this big festival and you will be busy in it. So you won’t have time to search for coin master free spins and cards. For this we are providing you the link here.

This will save you time and you can play the game well. Along with this, you can tell your friends about these gifts and help them too.

what gift will you get?

What you will get as a gift, you will get it only after clicking on the official link given by Coinmaster. But still, let us tell you that you can win many more and bigger gifts. like-

1. coin master 70 free spins
2. coin master 50 free spins
3. coin master free spins 20
4. gold card coin master
5. Unlimited Free Coins
6. pet food or xp

Along with this, 5 people who click on the link first will get 500 spins. So you need to pay some attention. But if you are not able to click on the first link then there is no need to be disappointed because you will get at least 200 spins.

Note: – As you know that Christmas and New Year is about to come, then many gifts can be given by the coin master. For this you have to check daily over here.


In this post, we told you how you can get coin master free spins and gold cards. Along with this, we have given you the links which are provided by the official coin master.

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