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You all must know the coin master game very well. But just recently the Pet Master game was also released. Many people want to know about it. Today in this post we will know what is the difference between coin master and pet master.

coin master

The number of people playing the coin master game is in crores and the number of people playing it is increasing every day. It has a slot machine that requires spins to operate. The more spins you have, the more times you can operate this machine and get gifts.

The objective of the game is to complete the village. Spinning the slot machine gives different gifts and if the same icon appears on all three screens then the gift is increased. This helps in playing the game well.

pet master

The Pet Master game was released recently. This game is also almost like Coin Master. But some things are new in this. Today we will talk about Ginkway. There is also a slot machine in this game that requires spins to operate.

But the task is not to complete the village but to complete the camp. When you operate the slot machine, it has different icons on 3 different screens. If these icons come the same in all three, then you get an increased gift.

Difference between coin master and pet master

There is not much difference between pet master and coin master. But let us tell you some special things. Which will come in handy while playing the game.

1. Village has to be completed in Coin Master while in Pet Master one has to complete Camp.
2. In Pet Master the board is provided like Ludo whereas in Coin Master you do not get it.
3. In this ludo, dice are available, by clicking on which the stomach moves forward and you get gifts.
4. Coin Master has Pig while Pet Master has Pet.
5. You get more gifts in Pet Master than in Coin Master.

One more thing, let us tell you that the manufacturer of these two games is the same company. So both the games are similar but the way of playing both is slightly different. Pet master game is new now so it has not become very famous yet. But if you play then you will definitely like this game.

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Conclusion;- In this post we told you what is the difference between coin master and pet master? We have told you about 5 differences between both the games. Hope you now understand what is the difference between these two games. If you have any question in your mind then you can ask us by commenting. We will reply asap.


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