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The Pet Master game is very similar to coin master but the theme here is a pet in place of pig and here you build camp instead of a village. It has some features like spins as well as dice which are not available in coin master which makes the game more interesting. Let us know in detail-

Pet Master has the same spinning slot machine as Coin Master. In this machine, items similar to Coin Master are seen such as coins, spins, stomach instead of pig, rocket instead of hammer and bag of coins.

The rules for playing this game are also similar to Coin Master, as, in Coin Master, the slot machine requires spins to operate. Similarly, spins are needed in Pet Master too. The only difference is that in this game you make a camp at the place of the village.

But as you know that coin master requires free spins. In the same way, free spins are also needed in Pet Master. But you don’t need to worry. Because free spins are also provided by Pet Master at different places. And we collect all of them and make them available here.

How long is the spin link validity?

 These free spins are only available for a few days. Actually, the validity is different every time so you need to keep an eye on it every time. Keep in mind that you can only get free spins once from a link. But you don’t need to be worried. Here you will be provided with so many links every day that you will be able to enjoy playing to the fullest. You just have to come and see this post every day.

Another way to get spin

There are many ways in which you can get free spins. You can buy spins, coins and dice chances using your real money from Pet Master Store. But our advice is that you are better off buying and waiting a bit. We wait for the official pet master to release the free spins link. We’ll make it available to you here as soon as they give it.

Different ways to get Pet Master Free Spins

 We told you how we will bring you daily free spins links. So now you can get free spins to get gold, coins or gifts for pet master. All you have to do for this is to bookmark this post of ours so that you can get updates of every free spin and coin.

You know very well how important spins are. The first way is obviously the normal way to get free spins. Which you get while playing the game. We know that spins work. It is from spins that you get everything you need. So let us tell you that in the game you will get five spins after every hour.

Invite your friends to the game

Just like you can see in Coin Master who else plays this game from your circle of friends, in Pet Master you can also see which of your friends play this game and you can connect with them using Facebook. can. Even you can invite your friends to play this game.

In return, you can earn free spins or some other rewards. Make sure they join using only your referral link otherwise you will get nothing.

Participate in events

These are one of the best ways to get free spins. Different events in this game have different challenges. Some events may ask you to match three-event tokens in the slot machine but within the given time frame. Completion on time can earn you rewards and maybe some free spins.

How to Redeem Pet Master Free Spins?

Follow the steps below to redeem free spins

1. First of all click on the link given for spin.
2. Now the game will open on your phone.

You will see on the screen how many spins and coins you have got.

Complete card set

Try unlocking cards or trading extra cards if you have them to speed up the playing process with your friends within the Pet Master game. You can get up to 100 spins for a card set, and completing a card set isn’t that difficult either. Sometimes in the game, you may be asked to get a Royal card to complete the set, if you do, you will get more spins.

In the Pet Master game, you receive free dice every 6 hours and like a mini-board game, you need to roll the dice. The stomach moves according to the number that comes after rolling and you will get coins, spins and gifts as a gift.

Spinning all three places in the slot machine earns money, so you will get to play the board once again. Our advice is to try to save the dices higher than 6 or up to 6 to get more spins. There is no maximum number of dices you will win in this event.

Play these dice during the Golden Airdrop event to get more spins in Pet Master. This mini-game is really fun. You will enjoy it a lot. You can find out more bonuses when you try to hunt for more spins. In this way, you can try your luck again and again.


In this game (Pet Master) you can raid and attack your friends. You have to choose one of the three secure lockers that will appear for the raid. You will get coins, spins or card sets from one of the 3 boxes. If you find an empty box, the raid will be retargeted to the same person. After this, when you get the gift, then proceed further. If you want to get free spins but have got a card set then don’t worry you can use this card set to get free spins.

Pet Master Whole Village

On the top right corner of the Pet Master game page, you will see options such as leader board, village news, gifts or settings. Here in the news of the village, you can know which of your friends have raided your village. In the village list you can find out which village you are in and which village you will go to in the next step. Let us tell you that till now there are about 160 villages. Just like in the coin master game, you can get free spins, “Village Rush” by attaining a certain village level.

How and Where to Get Daily Coin Master Free Spins and Coins Easily

Conclusion:- In this post, we told you about pet master, how to play this game and how to get free spins to play. We also explained how it is similar to Coin Master.


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