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Coin Master, One of the most popular games is Coin Master. People of all ages like to play it. It is a strategy game where villages are built and others are attacked. The premise of this game is a slot machine that generates coins as you spin.

what is a slot machine?

The slot machine consists of several different symbols in a row, such as: a coin, a bag of coins, a shield, a pig hood, a bull hammer, spin and the current event. When you click on spin, the 3 screens of the slot machine will rotate and they have icons associated with the coin master game. If the same icon is placed on these three screens then you get higher rewards.

As we mentioned earlier, the official coin master provides daily rewards for spins and coins which we collect and update on our website.

How many links are updated daily

Knowing you that we collect links and give about 4 to 5 links here every day and a link has 50 spins and unlimited science by taking 25 spins. Also, if you invite any of your friends, you get 70-100 spins or so depending on the level.

You can find so many links in these links.

» 400 coin master free spins
» 100 coin master free spons
» 50 coin master free spins
» 70 coin master free spins

You can click here to go to the post where the links are updated daily.

coin master free spins and coins links condition

Betting on Coin Master spins gives you a reward. If you spin three identical symbols in the slot machine, you will get more rewards. When the betting explodes you can bet on 1x, 2x 3x 5x 10x, 15x, 20x. You can also bet 200x what you wouldn’t get otherwise. The higher the bet, the higher the chances of winning. Simple language, the more you take risks, the more you will receive gifts.

coin master card collection

Card collection is also part of the game, just like free spins and coins. You can buy chests to get cards. Whenever you attack another player, you will get a map from the base of his village. As you go up in the game, this means you will get a chest of gold from one village to another.

In the game, you get to see three wooden boxes, gold boxes and magic chests of 2, 4 and 8 cards. The cards have stars and you will know that the more stars, the more you qualify. There is also a ruby ​​box that you can buy with 700 map stars. But there are gold cards that you cannot exchange with friends, you can only exchange them when they are exchangeable. When the cards boom, you will get 50% more cards. When the village lord comes, you will get more rewards for completing the village.

What can you gift with Coin Master?

In this game, there are coins, spins and cards to give to your friends. You can give your extra card to your friends and also take them from them. Let us tell you that Coinmaster also has an official trading group where you can exchange your lost cards with friends. We also have our trading group where you can join for free cards and card swaps. There is no cost for this, it is absolutely free for you and for your friends.

chance in tournament

Various tournaments are held in Coin Master. Where you will be rewarded. Here you have a chance to win coins, spins, pet food, animal XP, etc. But the tournament lasts between 3 to 4 days, it is also called a special event. Where you have to step by step to reach the top position. Also, there are daily tournaments that last for 24 hours where you and your friends have a chance to get the gold card. There are other challenges like Attack Madness, Raid Madness where you will get closer to your reward when hit or ambushed. So keep an eye on the tournament.

If you have a duplicate card, you can also get chests for your duplicate cards, ie swap your duplicate cards for new ones. These stars do not reduce your game stars and choose the cards that are least important to you.

You should know that gift master in coin master is when you spin or buy coins in this game coin master will give you a special gift. Which proves to be very useful for you.

Daily Events on Coin Master

Mysterious Chest – 1 in 10 chests contain a wild card, plus spins, pet food, and animal XP.

Master Robbery – is a promotional event where there are various offers to buy spins and coins. There are 3 offers which you have to take step by step.

Friend Invitation Limit – If you invite any of your friends through Facebook and they join via Facebook, you will receive benefits in the form of spins, but the limit is up to 200 friends. Similarly, there are other ways to get spin.

There are many contests on the official Coinmaster fan page – social media contests and freebies. There are many gifts and prizes. We keep an eye on them and provide you daily on our website.

Card collection: Did you know that the set has the highest number of spins at the end. You can exchange a regular card and a gold card if available with your friend. With this, you can and can play the game well.

Balloon Madness – This is the event where you can pop the balloons to make them spin. This gives free spins.

1. gold card exchange
2. Balloon Madness
3. Viking mission
4. set explosion
5. event failure
6. tournament goals
7. Competition
8. betting explosion
9. card explosion
10. chest map
11. gift master
12. special events
13. assault master
14. booty master
15. village owner

coin master daily free spins and coins update

In the end, I will say about Coin Master this is a fun game that you can play and enjoy with your friends. If there is a shortage of spins then you can visit our website. Here you will get daily rewards and daily free spins by link and free coin link.


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