July 15, 2024

Coin Master Free Spins – Get 5k Free Spins And 1 Million Coins Daily

Every day Coin Master shares different links on its social networks, allowing players to get free bonuses including spins or coins to help them advance in their game adventures and thus develop their village. Are. You will get all the links of the day of Sasaj as well as the previous days, if you missed them then you can get them now. Be careful though, links from previous days may no longer be active, as they stop working after some time.

Date Spins And Coins Link
15/03/2024 25 Free Spins Collecter
15/03/2024 10 Free Spins Collecter
15/03/2024 25 Free Spins Collecter
15/03/2024 50 Free Spins Collecter
15/03/2024 25 Free Spins Collecter

How to get free spins and coins?

Obviously, the coin master links shared above are not the only way to collect spins and coins easily, quickly and, above all, for free. There are other ways in which spins can be earned.

Invite your friends through Facebook

When you invite one of your Facebook friends to join Coin Master, you can get up to 40 to 50 spins. To be sure of receiving this exciting reward, your friend must accept the invitation, i.e. download the game and install it. While doing this their Facebook account must be linked to Coin Master.

Send Gift

After inviting your Facebook friends, or not all, to the Coin Master game, you will be able to send them coins and spins daily. This way, you will be able to give up to 100 spins per day without losing anything and your friends will be able to do the same. This way both you and your friends will be able to get spins and coins in the game.


First you get a total of 50 spins per day in Coin Master. Now the game will reward by giving 5 free spins per hour. Players will understand that you will have to wait no less than 10 hours for everything to be optimized and to recover all the free spins.

Coin Master, what is this?

You know Coin Master is a strategy and construction game, developed and published by Moon Active, which incorporates the notions of slot machines especially appreciated by fans of the title. Like many games of the same type, Coin Master remains particularly easy to learn, although many customizations exist.

As a result, the slot machine, which you will have the chance to spin several times due to the link previously provided, will allow you to perform certain tasks such as attacking other players’ bases, winning coins (coins) or obtaining shields, which It will be especially interesting to mitigate the attacks of enemies. Accumulated coins or coins will give you the ability to build and improve the structures present in your base. As you may have understood, Daily Links allow you to recover Coin Master bonuses which are important for the good development of your village. Although it may be tempting, cheating is prohibited. Hope you have got enough information from this post.

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