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If you want to know how to bookmark web pages on your iPhone then you have come to the right place. Today we will tell you to step by step about this.

This problem happens especially to those people who have recently bought an iPhone. In such a situation, there are many such functions that are not known about. One of these problems is the problem of bookmarks.

How to BookMark Web Pages in Safari on iPhone

As you might know that Safari browser runs on the iPhone. All you need to do is to bookmark web pages in this browser.

How to bookmark on iphone

• First of all open safari browser
• Now go to the page you want to bookmark
• Then click on the share button
• Now a popup will open in front of you, click on add bookmark here
• Create and select a new folder
• Now click on save written on the top right-hand side

How to find bookmarked pages

It’s very easy to find the page you’ve bookmarked on your iPhone.

• First of all open Safari browser
• Now click on the book icon on the right side
• Open the folder you selected
• This is what you will get on the webpage you saved.

So now you know how to bookmark web pages on your iPhone.

On the other hand, if you like a webpage and you want to save it as a favourite, then you have to click on the share icon and click on Favorites. After doing this, that page will be included in your favourite list.


In this post, we told you how you can bookmark a person on your iPhone and add it to your favourite list. If you know how to gamble with someone else, then you can ask us by commenting.

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