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Mooncake Mania Event

Recently Coinmaster announced the Mooncake Mania event and Moonglow tournament. Which I will tell you about today. The Mooncake Mania event will be live till September 20 and the Moonglow tournament will be live for 4 hours.

To play any tournament, you need maximum spin and it is not easily available and it is a waste of time. Therefore, be sure to claim your Coin Master free spins before playing the event.

How to play Mooncake Mania Event

There are three big rules to playing this (Mooncake Mania).

1. First – Hit one mark and get two marks

2. Second- Hit two symbols and get four symbols

3. Third- Hit three symbols and get ten symbols

In this game, if you place more bets, you will win more prizes. We advise you to always bet 10x+ when playing any event. The more you win the more you build.

Moonglow Tournament

To join the Moonglow tournament, you need to collect 5 symbols. As we told you earlier, this tournament will be live for 4 hours. So take advantage of it before it expires.

How to Play Moon Glow Tournament

When your attack is blocked you will get 4 symbols. And when you successfully attack you will be rewarded with 5 symbols.

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Whereas a normal raid can have 6 symbols and a full raid can get you 8 symbols. Know that you will get more profit from raids. So make sure you raid more and our advice is to always place higher bets to get the most out of the tournament. In this way, you can play the game very well. Hope you like this information


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