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One thing bothers Instagram users a lot and that is when they see the story of a secret crush or a friend, Instagram tells them that they have seen their story. This thing bothered me too and we have found a solution for it. After knowing this you will say thankfully that there are many ways in which you can watch someone’s story without knowing it.

Turn on flight mode

1. First of all open the app so that latest stories will be loaded on your phone.

2. Turn on flight mode to avoid profile owner’s hold

3. This will allow you to view stories anonymously.

4. Now make sure to close the app after watching the story.

Use an alternate account

1. The second easiest way is to use an alternate account.

2. Many people keep a second anonymous account on Instagram.

3. With this you can see anyone’s story without fear.

4. You can like, comment or share anything.

Instagram stories viewer

1. The third way is to use Instagram Stories viewer

2. There are many sites on the internet that bring all the stories to you.

3. Note that your account must be public for this to work again.

4. Searching on the famous search engine Google, you will find many websites like Stories Down,

Anonymous, Anon IG Viewer and Insta Stories.

Conclusion- In this post, we told the solution to the problem of viewing the Instagram story of the Instagram user and giving its information to the account holder. We have told you 3 ways, by which you can easily watch anyone’s story without getting caught.


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