July 15, 2024

How to get hero badge in ability wars | Hero Wars

Hero Wars is a mobile RPG (role-playing game) developed by NEXTERS GLOBAL LTD. It is available on both iOS and Android platforms and can be downloaded for free from the respective app stores. The game is set in a magical fantasy world and players can choose from a variety of heroes to build their own team and compete against other players.

In Hero Wars, players can level up their heroes, equip them with powerful gear and upgrade their abilities to make them stronger. The game features a campaign mode where players can progress through a series of levels, each with increasing difficulty, and a multiplayer mode where they can compete against other players in various game modes such as Arena, Grand Arena, and Guild Wars.

Players can also join or create guilds with other players to collaborate and compete in various events and battles. The game also features regular updates with new heroes, game modes, and events to keep players engaged and entertained.

Overall, Hero Wars is an exciting and addictive mobile game that offers a rich and immersive gameplay experience for RPG fans.

how to get hero badge in ability wars

Ability Wars is a game mode in Hero Wars where players can test their skills and abilities against other players. The Hero Badge is a special item that can be obtained in Ability Wars, and it can be used to upgrade the abilities of heroes in the game. Here are the steps to get the Hero Badge in Ability Wars:
  1. Play Ability Wars: The Hero Badge can only be obtained in Ability Wars game mode, so you need to play it regularly.
  2. Win matches: The Hero Badge is a rare drop, and it is more likely to be obtained by winning matches in Ability Wars.
  3. Participate in events: NEXTERS GLOBAL LTD, the developers of Hero Wars, regularly host events in Ability Wars where players can win Hero Badges as rewards.
  4. Purchase in the game store: If you are unable to obtain Hero Badges through gameplay or events, you can purchase them in the in-game store using in-game currency or real money.

Once you have obtained the Hero Badge, you can use it to upgrade the abilities of your heroes in Hero Wars. To do this, go to the hero’s profile and click on the “Upgrade Abilities” button. Then, select the ability you want to upgrade and use the Hero Badge to increase its power.

Note that the Hero Badge is a valuable item, so it’s important to use it wisely and only on the heroes you use regularly in the game.

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